Si Page is currently working on a comedy drama called, ‘No Idea’.  Here is a brief synopsis:

What does Rob Wise know about women? Judging by his track record, he has… NO IDEA

Here’s an early synopsis:

Rob is a single and unemployed thirty one year old writer, who, unlucky in love and all out of money, is suffering from SAD and desperate to turn his sorry life around.

Tormented by the rom-com author and ex-school friend, Tom Mortimer and his nauseating best sellers, ‘Housewives Come First’ and ‘Fast Love on the School Run’, Rob just can’t bring himself to write such degrading crap.

Since Rob’s ex-girlfriend, Jeannie, announced that his attempt at romance was pathetic and made ‘her inner feminist scream,’ he’s all but given up any ambition of being a writer… or a lover. Rob’s writing career is further hampered by sharing a filthy and cramped bedsit with two jobless, lazy dossers and a girl called Pit Bull.

Follow Rob on his journey from Pound Wise to Pizza Wings, a speed dating disaster, a missing teen and a kidnap plot as he confronts his inner demons and faces his past.

Read a sample.