‘The Inside Scoop: The Secret Journal of a Prime Minister’

The Inside Scoop: The Secret Journal of a Prime Minister

Sit back and enjoy the mesmerising insight from the secret journal of one of (arguably) the most talked about statesman and leaders of our time: The monumental, incomparable and often incomprehensible, Cameron David PM, First Lord of the Coffers, Leader of the Cons and MP for the ancient ‘Witta’s Island’ (famous for woollen blankets).

Embellished by Cameron’s own piffle, waffle, tosh and guff, this (disorganised, without any chronological order) collection may raise more than a few eyebrows and even cause a few strange oddballs to laugh.

“These explosive revelations will make every other MP look both sane and saintly in comparison.”
The Two Eds, The Lab party

“Young Cameron always had a wonderful way of dealing with muck. After reading this journal, I can see he was destined for politics.’
Charles Humphreys-Smythe, Head Gardener, Eton

“I’m mesmerised by Cameron. I even have a tattoo of his shiny, lard-like face on my bum. He never leaves my side!”
Irma Stalker, Chairperson of the ‘Cameron for World Leader’ Group

“Great little book … full of boyish banter, political jibes and satire … perfect gift for someone with man-flu I would say… should laugh themselves better on this!” Pony Tail

“With skill and perspicacity Si Page documents the inner-life of a man who has ensured that the whole of the UK has lived in a Con-Dem nation for too long. The author puts himself in the shoes of the PM so that we don’t have to.” Nick White

“I never realised that our PM could be so astute in a thick sort of way, but Cameron David lets it all hang out, well, most of it. These diary entries give amazing insight into what drives Our Great Leader and his unique mind. Get behind his image! Be thrilled by his deepest thoughts! Thank God for making Our Dave, just as Our Dave does. The book is brilliantly illustrated by Chris Bambrough, whose cartoons add even more delightful insights into All the above and more. The writer who has helped Dave put his thoughts down has squeezed every last drop of irony and humour out of our political recent past and present. A knighthood surely awaits …” David Grieve

“To be honest it’s quite hard to take our glorious leader seriously and this book helps us to continue to fail in that endeavour. Written in bite sized, sound byte pieces which are easy and entertaining to read, this is a fun if rather worrying window into the world of blue sky thinking, twittereze and the general unpleasantness which categorises British politics today. The brilliant cartoons complement the text and help the whole thing slide down one’s comedy gullet in a pleasing and satirical way. Bravo.” Ms. K. R. Dibbens

“I highly recommend this little book! Great humour, original take on politics and very amusing. It has brightened up my days and made me laugh a lot. Nice format book complemented by drawings – would make a good and original present for a person with good sense of humour.” Lee Parker