No Idea

No Idea

NO-IDEAGet Si Page’s latest novel, No Idea, via Amazon on Kindle and paperback, here:


Estranged from his family and dumped by his best friend, Rob Wise should be in the prime of his life, but being unlucky in love and living with depression has him trapped and living in the past.

Sharing a run-down flat with two layabouts and a girl called Pit Bull has brought Rob nothing but poor health, writer’s block and an empty bank account.

Rob finds real inspiration when he meets the sassy and attractive Grace Stein, but soon their world is thrown into turmoil. A neighbour’s missing grandson leads them into the murky and criminal underworld of the Dark Web and contract killers.

Who can they trust? Will it be fight or flight?

Follow Rob’s journey where the lives of those he loves are at stake and truth is stranger than fiction.


“Blinking heck, what a read! Rob is down on his luck, unlucky in love, totally broke. He has a razor sharp wit and cracking observations of those around him, then BAM, everything gets turned upside down, with more twists than a really twisty thing, your emotions are taken along for the ride!” Donna Moran, member of The Book Club

“I loved this book! No Idea is a mystery romance, which is both thought provoking and emotional in places. With a great mix of characters, humour, adventure and an interesting twister of a plot, I think this would make a great TV mystery drama series.” Jules Mortimer Book Likes Blog

“No Idea is a novel which holds a lot of surprises and doesn’t quite go in the direction you think it will. It starts off as a humorous story which then turns into a nail biting, edge of your seat read before turning into quite an emotional one. It was certainly a roller coaster of a read… yet another wonderful read from this author. 5/5 stars.” Sarah Hardy, By The Letter Book Reviews

“Oh how I loved ‘No Idea’ by Simon Page. I loved the characters in this book, and really enjoyed the sad times and the bits that had me laughing out loud. An excellent read and 4.5 juicy stars from me.” Philippa McKenna, member of The Book Club

“A very engaging story… No idea is a book about Russians and Cybercrime, but also about redemption, Love and justice. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Emma Read, Screenwiper Blogspot

“Full of mystery, intrigue, love, surprises and shocks galore! 5/5 stars.” Jo Walsh, member of The Book Club

“A great book and a fantastic 5 star story that I couldn’t put down.” Craig Gillan, member of The Book Club

“No Idea was an excellent read. I found it really funny and it appealed to my sense of humour. It was also touching, sad and uplifting. I would certainly recommend this book.” Fiona Mccormick, member of The Book Club

“A great book that takes you with Rob, Grace & family – sad, funny and had me holding my breath at times – loved it! A definite ‘must read’.” 5 stars. Debs Mallagh, member of The Book Club

“Absolutely amazing, the best novel I’ve read this year by a long shot. There were several twists I didn’t see coming and a story so well written and utterly absorbing that I couldn’t stop reading. I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this book but by the end my spirits were lifted and I put this book down feeling happier than when I started it.” Michelle Worthington

“A fab book… I really wanted to know what would happen next! Very funny and sweet at the same time. A must read!” Sapna Agarwal Chamaria, member of The Book Club

“This book started off very funny with Rob Wise a budding author sharing a flat with Rupert, Martin and his girl friend Michaela, aka Pit Bull. The flat is grubby and with only Pit Bull working, money is tight. When Rob tries to do their neighbour a favour that’s when the fun starts. I loved it. 5 stars.” Angela Lockwood, member of The Book Club