Missing G‘Can’t remember laughing so much at a book. Enjoyed it from begining to end. More please Si.’  Mrs E. L. Middleton

‘Lots of little chapters made it ideal to read travelling to/from work, much to the amusement of other commuters watching me giggle away to myself. I Loved Gretyl’s Character, I’m sure I’ve passed her haggling with stall holders at our local car boots. I could see this book being made into a film/TV show very easily, it has a good old fashioned humour about it similar to Fawlty Towers. Received this book in exchange for honest review.’ Misty

‘This book is a joy. Gretyl is the type of character everyone should have on their street. Loud, proud, mutton dressed as lamb, collects frog ornaments is a lover of wigs. Arthur is her poor old hubby who likes to keep out of her way by disappearing down the allotment. The Sodalls are the council estate stuff of legends! always quick to earn some cash dishonestly. So how do the two families meet and why the heck is there a hit man called Arti Chokes hanging around? To find the answers your going to have to read the book which to be honest had me laughing out loud a few times. The waxing incident will live with me for a long, long time! Slapstick comedy at its best. Would be great to do as a pantomime.
Gretyl would be fab in it!’ Charlie13

‘…  I didn’t want it to end. Some magnificent, larger-than-life characters in the best traditions of Tom Sharpe and a skillfully-contrived plot to draw them all together, but best of all an overall feeling of warmth, chaos and hilarity that reminded me strangely of A Confederacy of Dunces. Very funny and highly recommended.’ Joel



‘With skill and perspicacity Si Page documents the inner-life of a man who has ensured that the whole of the UK has lived in a Con-Dem nation for too long. The author puts himself in the shoes of the PM so that we don’t have to.’ Nick White

‘I never realised that our PM could be so astute in a thick sort of way, but Cameron David lets it all hang out, well, most of it. These diary entries give amazing insight into what drives Our Great Leader and his unique mind. Get behind his image! Be thrilled by his deepest thoughts! Thank God for making Our Dave, just as Our Dave does. The book is brilliantly illustrated by Chris Bambrough, whose cartoons add even more delightful insights into All the above and more. The writer who has helped Dave put his thoughts down has squeezed every last drop of irony and humour out of our political recent past and present. A knighthood surely awaits… ‘ David Grieve

‘To be honest it’s quite hard to take our glorious leader seriously and this book helps us to continue to fail in that endeavour. Written in bite sized, sound byte pieces which are easy and entertaining to read, this is a fun if rather worrying window into the world of blue sky thinking, twittereze and the general unpleasantness which categorises British politics today. The brilliant cartoons complement the text and help the whole thing slide down one’s comedy gullet in a pleasing and satirical way. Bravo.’ Ms. K. R. Dibbens

‘Great little book… full of boyish banter, political jibes and satire… perfect gift for someone with man-flu I would say… should laugh themselves better on this!’ J Duclos