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The Lord’s Prayer: Have the Church of England got it wrong this time?

The Lord’s Prayer: Has the Church of England got it wrong? By Si Page Cinema chains (Odeon, Vue, Cineworld) have banned a Church of England, sixty second advert promoting the Lord’s Prayer, this Christmas. The ad  was to be screened before the opening of the new Star Wars movie on December 18th. BBC News Many Christians …


Aylan Kurdi – You will never be forgotten.

I hear you, Aylan Kurdi, along with the voices of a thousand others; children, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, all crying out for refuge and help. RIP little man. Your death will not be in vain. Though your short life was taken so tragically from you, we know your story, and many …



There are many examples on the Internet where authors lament their lack of success at bagging an agent or publisher. Some have tried hundreds of times, to no avail; others have found a huge readership, like J.K.Rowling, but not before dozens of rejection letters. Consider a few of these: William Golding , the author of The Lord …